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ISU Emergency Alert

ISU Emergency Alert is the University's emergency notification and warning system. An initial Alert will be issued by the University Police Department following confirmation of a reported emergency and an assessment that there is an immediate threat to the University community. This alert and subsequent updates will be posted on the Illinois State website. Alerts are typically sent for the following emergencies: person with a weapon, shots fired, active shooter, armed robbery, bomb threat, hostage situation, explosion, major fire, tornado, earthquake, structural collapse and hazardous materials incident. Other incident types may warrant an ISU Emergency Alert and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Crime Advisories (Timely Warning)

Crime advisories are sent via e-mail to all Illinois State students, faculty, and staff and are posted on the Illinois State University Police Department website.

Read more about Crime Advisories

Registration Assistance

For students, faculty and staff who need assistance in updating their mobile phone number to receive emergency alerts, watch the following video for assistance.

  • Register

    Students, Faculty and Staff

    Log on to My.IllinoisState

    • Go to the My Profile section
    • Scroll down to the Emergency Alerts section
    • Click [Update Your Emergency Alert Information]
    • Add Your text-enabled Mobile phone number

    Parents and Community Members

    Screenshot of emergency alerts through text message.

    Text ISUAlerts to the number 67283 to receive ISU Emergency Alerts from Illinois State University. You will receive the following messages:

    Message and data rates my apply. Text messages are sent on an as-needed basis. This service is provided per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Text STOP ISUAlerts to 67283 to no longer receive ISU Emergency Alert text messages or HELP for tech support.

  • Managing Emergency Alerts

    Mobile Phone (SMS Text Message)

    This is the preferred contact for ISU Emergency Alerts given is history of reliability during emergency situations. Only valid domestic and international phone numbers are accepted.

    Opt-Out of Emergency Alerts

    Log onto MY and go the the My Profile section, click on [Update Your Emergency Alert Information] and click into the Mobile phone field. There you will see a checkbox that you may select to Opt Out of receiving ISU Emergency Alert notifications.


    ISU schedules two tests of the ISU Emergency Alert system during a calendar year. The first test generally occurs during the spring semester and the second during the fall semester. Each of these tests includes all of the available alerting channels. Notice is given to the University community during the week prior to a test.

    Periodically, as new channels are added or significantly modified, an out-of-cycle test will be scheduled. During such tests, select channels will be tested. Notice is given to the University community during the week prior to the test.

  • Trusted Sources

    ISU Emergency Alerts will be coming from a variety of addresses depending on the medium in which they are delivered. If you doubt the legitimacy of the sender, check these addresses against the alerts that you have received.

    Text: 67283 OR 226787 (depending on your personal phone)

    Email: ISU Emergency Alert

  • Automatic Notifications

    In addition to receiving Alerts via your text-enabled mobile phone, we will send ISU Emergency Alerts to these additional channels:

    • Illinois State E-Mail
    • Office/Desk Phones
    • ISU Website
    • Digital Displays
    • Lecture Hall Computers
    • Facebook (ISU, Police, SafeRedbirds)
    • Twitter (ISU, Police, SafeRedbirds)