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Targeted Violence Training

An active shooter training session.

Targeted Violence Training

The 90 minute session introduces participants to preventing, preparing for and responding to active shooter or aggressor incidents. Divided into three modules, the class covers:

  • Prevention

    • Cover sources of violent behavior
    • Discuss different types of threats and provide techniques for addressing these
    • Making a Threat vs. Posing a Threat
    • Indicators
  • Preparedness

    • ISU Emergency Alert (what it is, how it works, how to register)
    • Department Emergency Response Plans
    • Flip Charts and Guidebook
  • Response

    • Transitioning from "Lockdown" to "Run-Hide-Fight"
    • Run, Hide and Fight video clips captured during on-campus training sessions
    • "What If?" scenarios
    • What to expect from First Responders
    • My Responsibilities during an Emergency

Contact Emergency Management to schedule a class.