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Faculty/Staff CARE Team

Illinois State University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all faculty and staff. FSCT members work to identify, monitor, and when deemed necessary, recommend appropriate actions when university faculty and staff display threatening and/or dangerous behavior. The FSCT is not an intervention team. The members gather information from multiple sources and meet on an as needed basis due to the limited number of faculty and staff issues.

Reporting Concerns

  • If there is an immediate threat of danger, call 911 from a campus phone or (309) 438-8631 to contact the Illinois State University Police Department. After reporting the issue to the police, you may contact the Faculty Staff Care Team (FSCT) at or by contacting Human Resources.
  • If you observe behaviors that are concerning, but are not of an urgent nature, you may contact an FSCT member or complete this form to report the behavior.

While we do not have an anonymous method for reporting concerns, the FSCT will keep information reported confidential to the extent possible.